Bio X4: How to Use The Power of Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes Against Fat


BIO X4 is a weight loss dietary supplement that is claimed to help you get rid of those extra pounds in four different ways. The supplement uses the power of probiotics, digestive enzymes and a few other common weight loss ingredients that are supposed to help its users get in shape efficiently and safely.

Bio X4 and a healthy, efficient and realistic weight loss journey

The product is manufactured in Tarzana, California by a company called Nucific Inc. and the whole process of developing and producing Bio X4 is closely supervised and lead by a certified physician, Dr. Amy Lee. She has based her entire work on nutritional medicine and she also actually founded and is the director of the Integrated Wellness Center that resides in Los Angeles, California. Any product will automatically look more legitimate and efficient if it has a certified doctor behind it. Not only that but Dr. Amy Lee also has quite a few impressive degrees from places like The American Board of Obesity Medicine, The National Board of Physician Nutrition Specialists and even from the American Board of Internal Medicine.

lady-holding-probiotics-bottle-300x300She made a video where she explains everything we need to know about X4, and it has over one million views by now. Dr. Amy Lee explains how she approaches the topic of weight loss in a healthy manner and she gives examples of very harmful foods that we should altogether avoid if we want a slim and healthy body. There are a lot of ingredients that are more fattening that we have ever known like sugar laden yogurt, high fructose corn syrup and obviously, excessive amounts of sugar.

She did mention that eating carbs, gluten, sweets and other unhealthy foods is alright as long as we do it in moderation, because completely cutting these ingredients out of our diet is not efficient in the long term, especially for people who cannot help themselves from eating fast foods or just do not have the time always to cook their meals at home. At the same time, she also recommends healthy foods that we should choose and of course, she explains how their digestive supplement works to help us lose weight and keep it from coming back afterward.

How does BIO X4 work?

The approach that BIO X4 takes for weight loss purposes is fascinating. In the same video that we were talking about earlier, she mentions how food can do one of two things for the human body. It can either be metabolized or turned into energy that we can use, or it can get stored in the body, making us gain weight. Unfortunately, if we do not maintain a perfectly healthy diet for the rest of our lives without too many slips, the second thing always has a higher possibility of happening.

The official product website and the label of Nucific X4 say that the dietary supplement contains four main ingredients that have been proven to be efficient in effective weight regulation and a healthy digestive support. A few of the ingredients in this supplement are actually blends of various nutritious components, and they are as follows: a digestive enzyme blend that increases the nutrient absorption of our bodies, a combination of probiotics that can keep our digestive systems in check and that can help regulate our weight, a Caralluma fimbriation extract that can suppress our appetite and increase our general mood and a green tea extract that can enhance our metabolisms so that we can burn more fat on a daily basis. Not only have these ingredients all been proven to work in weight loss, but the fact that they are working together shows a lot of promise.

Unlike most health supplements that are on the market right now, the ingredients of Nucific BIO do have some clinical proof to back up these high claims. Studies have shown that the Caralluma fimbriatia extract can suppress the appetite and increase our moods while the green tea extract is one of the most well-known weight loss remedies out there because it can boost the metabolism and make us burn more calories every single day. The one thing that we are worried about is the digestive enzymes blend. Apparently, the mixture contains amylase, bromelain, and lipase. They are all enzymes that can already be naturally found in our bodies and they have the purpose of metabolizing carbs, fats, and proteins. However,  there is not much proof about their efficiency when they are taken as supplements, but there is clinical data that shows that they could help with a healthier digestive tract and relieve diarrhea or constipation symptoms.

If you are still a little bit unclear on what bio x4 can do to help you in your difficult weight loss process, here are some of the clear benefits of this supplement. It can suppress the appetite and reduce the amount of food you consume, as well as your cravings. It can also help with various digestive issues because it does offer a great digestive support system. The company also claims that their product can give you a faster metabolism and increase your overall mood and healthy energy levels.

Should you buy the BIO X4 dietary supplement?

Although all of the labels and the claims of this company say that BioX4 does not cause any side effects, some of the ingredients in it might create minor digestive issues so keep that in mind before buying it. However, we recommend that you still give it a try because it seems to be very useful for weight loss purposes. It is also only made of natural, pure ingredients and it seems to be completely safe. One month supply of BIOX4 comes at about fifty dollars, but if you are not satisfied with the product, you can always take advantage of the great ninety-day money back guarantee policy that they have and you would not lose one cent in the process, so why not give it a try?


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  1. I don’t really think this bio x4 can help me lose weight but hey, we all have the right to have our own opinion.

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